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+15 years old thermostat


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Up to


energy savings can easily be achieved *

Up to


energy savings can easily be achieved *

Up to


energy savings can easily be achieved *

* The calculation is based on the potential for an average German house. Therefore, it does not take variations in the individual home's insulation, building materials, windows or age into account. In addition, the calculation takes no account of external factors such as outside temperature, the use of wood-burning stove, wind force, etc.

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Our 5 best tips and tricks for heating smarter

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    If you replace your old radiator thermostats (older than 15 years) with intelligent Danfoss thermostats, you can save up to 30% of your heating costs.

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    Lower the temperature to the absence/bedtime, while you are at work or at night, to 17° C.

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    If you set different temperatures in several rooms, remember to close the intermediate doors.

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    Set the same temperature as before changing the thermostats.

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    Activate the holiday function when you go on vacation.

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