Smart Heating by Danfoss

Danfoss Smart Heating
ensures high data security

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    80 years
    of reliability

    At Danfoss, we turn our experience and expertise into reliable, high-quality and future-proof smart heating solutions.

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    data platform

    Our smart heating solutions use the same data platform as home banking products.

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    against hackers

    All our solutions feature the same protection standards as those used by the US government to protect classified information.


Our Smart Heating solutions
meet the highest privacy standards

Wherever data needs to be exchanged, it is important to secure communication to the highest standards so that unauthorised persons cannot access personal or operating data. We have taken appropriate measures in all our smart heating solutions to ensure data security at all time.

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    Data Encryption

    The wireless connection to your Danfoss smart heating systems are protected by latest AES encryption technology.

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    Security via PIN code

    A PIN code assigned by the user ensures that only authorized persons can make changes to the system.

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    Personal data

    User data, such as temperature or time schedule can be stored either in the thermostat where only you can access it or in the cloud, but only if you give your consent

Better safe than sorry

In addition to data protection during communication between your smartphone and Danfoss smart heating systems we ensure the highest level of security. To provide high security level we are continuously monitoring and improving our technical and organizational security measures.


Other data protection measures

  • bullet-blue.png Cloud data storage with user agreement only.
  • bullet-blue.png Protection against hacker attacks using same standards as U.S. government to protect classified information.
  • bullet-blue.png Independent security tests by external data protection specialists to ensure system’s stability and resistance to external impacts.
  • bullet-blue.png Continuous software code review to ensure there are no back door exits.
  • bullet-blue.png Physical protection with PIN code ensures only authorized users can make changes to Danfoss smart heating systems.
  • bullet-blue.png Protection through PIN code ensures that only authorized users can make changes to the Danfoss smart heating system.

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