Smart Heating by Danfoss

Smart heating is about
being in full control

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    A more comfortable home

    Increases the comfort of your home by ensuring the right temperature at the right time

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    Increased energy savings

    Saves up to 30% heating costs by intelligently adapting room temperatures to fit your schedule

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    Easy to use and control

    Provides an excellent user experience and can be easily controlled from your smartphone via the free Danfoss app

Let your heating follow your daily schedule

21 °C

In the Morning

Even before waking up, your Smart Heating solution has automatically increased the room temperatures to ensure a pleasant and comfortable start to the day

06:30 Wake up

07:30 Time to leave home

In the evening

The quickest way to save energy, is to simply lower the temperature when you don’t need it. The sleeping time is a good moment for lowering the temperature at home.

22:30 Time for bed

06:30 Wake up

Weekly rhythm

Set the time settings for the rooms in a living zone at a glance. Select a day and change the setting.

Simple and easy.

We spend 90% of our time inside - so make it as comfortable as possible

Our innovative range of smart heating solutions, make it easy for you to take your home’s indoor climate to a new level of comfort. The temperature will automatically adapt to your lifestyle needs and ensure exactly the right temperature at the right time.

Full climate control
from your smartphone

Download the Danfoss Link™ or Danfoss Eco™ app directly to your smartphone and test it in demo mode today


Weekly rhythm

Choose the convenient preset energy-saving programs or create a personalized program to suit your rhythm of life, and with remote control from your smartphone you can always have it your way.

Vacation mode

Have you already planned the next vacation? Use Danfoss App to set time and date for maximum heating savings during your holiday. Start relaxing. Start saving.


When you are away from home, the temperature in your house will be lower – thus insuring maximum heating savings.

Living Zone

Danfoss app gives you simple and intuitive control of your home heating. You can set individual temperatures for each room and group rooms into zones for easy control.

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    75 years of heating experience

    At Danfoss we turn experience and expertise in reliable and future proof smart heating solutions

    Learn more about Danfoss expertise

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    Easy to install

    Our solutions are easily installed. In most cases it only requires four simple steps before you are up and running

    Learn more about installation

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    Start small, expand along the way

    With Smart Heating products from Danfoss you can easily start building your smart heating solution.

    Learn more about Smart Heating

Every home can be heated smarter

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