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Danfoss Link™
Connect Thermostat

Smart thermostat for easy control of each individual radiator

Product benefits

The Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostat is a smart electronic radiator thermostat. Used together with the Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller it ensures pleasant warmth with the highest levels of energy efficiency. It can be installed quickly and easily and connected wirelessly to the CC Central Controller. Thanks to the inbuilt display, the Connect Thermostat is intuitively easy to use with precise settings.

Compatible with 90% of all radiator valves
The Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostat fits Danfoss's standard radiator valves (RA, RAV, RAVL, RTD) as well as other valves (M30x1.5: TA Heimeier, Honeywell, Oventrop, Herz, Giacomini, Caleffi, Oras, Comap, Orkli, MMA).


Product features

  • c_icon24.png Anti-frost function
  • 34-self-learning-function-for-heating-and-cooling.png Self-learning function of heating and non-heating times
  • c_icon26.png Precise PID control
  • 33-variable-temperature-reduction-in-intervals.png Variable temperature reduction of 0.5°C intervals
  • 35-max-and-min-temperature-limiter.png Max./min. temperature limitation
  • 36-adjustable-heating-pause.png Adjustable Pause heating modes
  • c_icon22.png Child lock
  • c_icon18.png Open window detection
  • 37-power-supply-via-two-standard-aa-batteries.png Power supply via two standard AA batteries
  • c_icon23.png Battery lifetime up to two years
  • 38-battery-state-display-including-warning-messages.png Display of battery status with warning notification by decrease of power supply

The Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostat is the world's first electronic radiator thermostat to achieve eu.bac certification.

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Danfoss Link the smart innovation

Compared to other products on the market, Danfoss Link™ ensures temperature stability for improved comfort and energy savings

With other heating controls there are often severe temperature fluctuations. But not with Danfoss Link. Since Danfoss Link reacts quickly and precisely, it always keeps the temperature stable in the desired area and thus ensures a reduction in heating costs without compromising your comfort.

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