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How do I install or replace thermostats or adapters?

Demount old thermostat
If you have an old thermostat on your radiator, you need to dismount your old thermostats, before you can install Connect Thermostat. 
Watch video

Mount new thermostat and adapter
First, you need to identify which adapter is right for your radiator. Danfoss provides different adapters for different radiator valve types. Use the adapter selection guide by placing the different dimensions onto the valve to identify which adapter fits your valve.
The adapters supplied cover more than 90 per cent of all top mounted valves, both Danfoss and other brands. If none of the adapters fit onto your valve, it may be because your valve is old. In this case, we recommend that you buy a new valve.
Second, fit the correct adapter onto the valve. Insert batteries into your new Connect Thermostat and screw the thermostat onto the adapter and tighten. Leave mounting mode.

Please watch the how-to videos for a full explanation.

Now you are ready to create room and add devices on your Danfoss Link™ Central Controller. 

What happens if there is a power outage or my device runs out of battery?

Power outage on Danfoss Link™ Central Controller
If there is a power outage, the Danfoss Link™ Central Controller will turn on, once it gets power again and will connect to your installed devices.

If the Central Controller does not get power again:
• Connect Thermostat will continue on the temperature they were at when the power outage happened
• the Room Sensor will go into frost protection mode

Connect Thermostat or Room Sensor runs out of battery
When Connect Thermostat or Room Sensor is low on a battery, a battery icon will be shown in the display and the Central Controller will give you an error message. If a Connect Thermostat or Room Sensors runs out of battery, they will go into frost protection mode.
Connect Thermostats and Room Sensors use 2 x AA non-rechargeable batteries each.

Why is there no connection between my Central Controller and one or more of my devices?

The freer passage the radio signal from the Central Controller has, the farther it can reach. House walls, metal objects, special constructions and other obstacles weaken the signal. Your Central Controller will give an alarm if it cannot reach a device for more than 1.5 hours.

If there are obstacles between your devices, you may need to install a Repeater Unit to extend the signal.  If necessary, you can extend the extended signal by adding another Repeater Unit as illustrated below. You only need one Central Controller for your home.

When do I need a Danfoss Icon™ Room Thermostat?

It can measure and control the temperature at a specific spot in your home.

If you place the Icon™ Room Thermostat close to your couch or away from a window, you ensure your desired temperature at this spot, because you optimize the actual temperature measurement in the room.

We recommend adding a Icon™ Room Thermostat in rooms with multiple radiators, because the Room Sensor balances the temperature across radiators based on the room temperature.

If your radiator thermostat is covered, e.g. by furniture, the Icon™ Room Thermostat  will ensure your desired temperature in the room.

Add the Icon™ Room Thermostat  to your Danfoss Link™ Central Controller in the same room as the Connect Thermostat you want the Icon™ Room Thermostat  to be connected to.

How do I get the optimum energy savings with a Danfoss Link™ system?

Energy savings are achieved through a reduction in room temperature.As a general rule, you can save 5% of energy consumption for every degree you lower the temperature at night. We recommend, you lower the temperature 3-4 °C at night and during working hours, e.g. from 21°C to 17°C. Also, activate vacation mode when you are on holiday.

When using Connect Thermostat, the average European saving potential is up to 30% on your heat consumption. Read more here.

The older your thermostats are when exchanging them, the greater your energy savings will be.
Connect Thermostat was the first electronic thermostat ever to achieve the prestigious AA energy certificate from eu.bac.

Where can I get help with the app or Wi-Fi connection for Danfoss Link™?

Please go to our Danfoss Link™ App Helpdesk and get the assistance you need.

Why does the radiator thermostat not reach the temperature I have set?

To ensure that the radiator thermostat can reach the set temperature quickly, we recommend a difference between Away/Asleep mode and At Home mode at max. 4 ˚C.

Danfoss Link™ offers a precise and energy efficient heating regulation by adapting itself to the heating system. This takes approximately one week after installation. Therefore, during the first week you can experience fluctuations as the thermostats are learning when to start heating to reach the specific temperature at the specific time (adaptive learning).

After this period, you can enjoy the perfect temperature in your home whenever you want it.

Can Connect Thermostat and the Danfoss Link Central Controller be used in all types of buildings and homes?

The Danfoss Link™ Central Controller works in all residential units up to 300 m² with a maximum of 50 units per Central Controller (1 Central Controller + 49 units).

How many devices can I connect to a Danfoss Link™ Central Controller?

You can connect up to 50 devices in total to Danfoss Link™ Central Controller and thereof max. 30 Connect Thermostat to Danfoss Link™. Danfoss Link™ controls up to 10 devices in one room.

Can I control my Danfoss Link™ via app?

Yes, if you have the Wi-Fi version of Danfoss Link™ Central Controller. You can download the app from either App Store or Google Play.

Find out if your Danfoss Link™ supports Wi-Fi here.

Can I buy eco first and then buy Danfoss Link™ Central Controller later?

Eco is a stand-alone product. You need to use Connect Thermostat for Danfoss Link™.

Is Danfoss Link™ secure when connected to Wi-Fi?

Danfoss ensures that all the devices in your home and the cloud service we provide to your smartphone are secure at all times. The Danfoss Link™ App is developed on a Home Banking platform and so the pairing of the Danfoss Link™ App to the Danfoss Link™ Central Controller is fully secure.

Cea mai nouă variantă de soft


If your Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller is connected to the WiFi, the software will update automatically.
The latest software version is version 4.2.1724 (07.01.2020)
If your Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller does not have a WiFi connection, you can update the software for your Danfoss Link™ model using a USB stick or SD card and download the software here:

Download latest software for Danfoss Link™ CC with WiFi (model 4) by USB stick (version 4.2.1724)
How can I check whether my Central Controller has a WiFi connection?
Overview of software


First, download the current version of the software to a USB clicking the relevant link.
Then go to your Central Controller and do the following:
1. Insert USB
2. Press the screen view Start mode
3. Select “House control”
4. Select “Settings”
5. Select “Wi-Fi and apps”
6. Select “App options”
7. Select “Software update”
8. Select “Update via USB”
9. Select “Update software now”
How do I check if my Central Controller is enabled for Wi-Fi?
Download latest software for Central Controller not Wi-Fi enabled (vers. 3.3.1)
Overview of software (English pdf)

Mini SD card

First, download the latest software version onto a mini SD card using the following link.
Then go to your Central Controller and do the following:

  1. Insert mini SD card
  2. Remove the front cover and hold the SETUP key down for three seconds to call up the installation menu
  3. Select "Software"
  4. Select "Software upgrade"
  5. Select "Start software upgrade"
  6. Select "Update software now"

Note: Central controllers from before 2010 sometimes use software version 1.x.x. In that case, you need to update your Central Controller to version 2.1.35 before updating to the latest software.
Download latest software (vers. 2.7.42)
Overview of software (English pdf)

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