Smart Heating by Danfoss

A Danish family significantly reduced its heating costs, saved money and the environment, with the Danfoss Link™ system

Reduce your energy consumption and make your heating system easier to use by installing Danfoss Link™

Energy consumption is reduced by


- and on top of that the whole family is spared from temperature fluctuations!

"In view of the significant savings, these thermostats pay for themselves in under three years. We were pleasantly surprised and are pleased to be saving money and having a positive impact on the environment at the same time."

Birgit, export engineer, Køge

Significant energy savings
already within the first year

The family was considering how to reduce its heating energy consumption. They have decided on Danfoss Link™ Connect smart Thermostats – and are enthusiastic. The decision saved them far more energy than expected and, furthermore, their heating system is now much easier to use.

No more time wasted to turn the heating up and down

Using the Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller, all rooms can be set to a basic temperature and a reduced night-time temperature, among other options. Temperature regulation is automatic. A press of a button is enough to change the desired temperature for the room which appears on the Central Controller's display.

The heating costs 
of the family from Køge

(over 12 months)



Previous consumption

Natural gas without Connect Thermostats:
2,317 m3 = approx. EUR 2,535 per year


Current consumption

Natural gas with Connect Thermostats:
1,440 m3 = approx. EUR 1,572 per year



877 m3 natural gas per year – which corresponds to EUR 959 or almost
38% less energy consumed when heating the house.

The initial situation of the family from Køge

The 200 m² house was built in 1985; it has six mezzanines and its own natural gas-fired boiler. In November 2011 the family decided to install a complete Danfoss Link™ system.


The Danfoss Link™ solution

  • bullit.png 18 electronic Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostats which were installed on all radiators in the house. The Connect Thermostat shuts the valves on the relevant radiators as soon as a temperature decrease is registered when windows are open for ventilation. This allows optimal and efficient temperature control.
  • bullit.png One Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller regulates all radiator thermostats, meaning that the temperature in every room can be set and regulated individually. The Central Controller offers a range of functions: for example, thermostats can be set to reduce the temperature at night or when nobody is in the house – it controls the underfloor heating just as reliably as radiator thermostats. 

  • bullit.png Four Room temperature Sensors measure the room temperature and ensure that it does not deviate from the set value.

Quick and easy installation

It was only a few hours before the new smart electronic thermostats in the family in Køge's home were ready for use. In the morning the heating installer replaced all of the old radiator thermostats with the new Connect Thermostats, wirelessly "connected" them to the Central Controller and set them to the desired temperature. Three hours later, all of the thermostats were working smoothly.

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