Smart Heating by Danfoss

A family from Duisburg enjoys a higher level of comfort with minimal effort thanks to Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostats

Maximum comfort with smart home heating system which is easy to use from anywhere – with Danfoss Link™

Flexible temperature adjustment

Whether you are home or away - with the Danfoss Link™ App, you will always have your heating system under control.

"With 13 radiators in the house it was almost impossible to ensure the optimal temperature in the house. When we came home, our rooms were either too cold or the heating had already been running at full pelt for hours without any benefit to us."

Andrea, entrepreneur, Duisburg

Smart home heating controls
– set up once, always feel the benefit

The 13 radiators in the house were fitted with Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostats and connected to each other via a Link™ CC Central Controller. This allows the homeowner to specify when their heating should automatically switch on or off and also set the exact temperature of every single room in the house.

Pleasant warmth
– every minute of the day

The couple owns a technology design company and they often work from home. Thanks to their Danfoss Link™ system the family can now enjoy perfectly heated rooms regardless of where in the house they are – overheated rooms are a thing of the past.

The initial situation of the family from Duisburg

The couple had bought their three-storey house in Duisburg in 2005. Since it was already 50 years old, it needed complete renovation. As a part of renovation work, central heating was installed, but the family was dissatisfied with its flexibility. They reached the desired comfort level when they installed a Danfoss Link™ system.


The Danfoss Link™ solution

  • bullit.png 13 Danfoss Link™ Connect Thermostats 

  • bullit.png A Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller can be used to control all radiator thermostats wirelessly, meaning that the temperature in each room can be set individually. Studies have shown that an average of 30% can be saved on heating costs with a Danfoss Link™ system. 

  • bullit.png The Danfoss Link™ App allows remotely-controlled individual room temperature regulation from anywhere. 

  • bullit.png The Danfoss Link™ App Helpdesk offers technical support for all questions related to WiFi and the app's functions. 

Flexible options for remote control

Since the Danfoss Link™ App has been available, heating systems can be controlled with even greater flexibility. The App can be downloaded easily onto your smartphone to communicate with the Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller wirelessly. For the family from Duisburg, this means that they can reset their heating system at any time, even when they're away.

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