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    Best-in-class solutions

    Our range of high-quality solutions has been ranked among the best and most advanced in the world – and designed specially to increase your comfort and energy efficiency.

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    Your guarantee of satisfaction

    Demand for energy around the world is rising as the world’s population grows and standards of living increase. Our energy-efficient technologies help people get more from using less.

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    Innovation is our heritage

    We are devoted to developing innovative products that meet your exact needs. Every year, we invest around 4% of our net sales into developing innovative smart, solutions for the future.

Keeping families comfortable for 75 years

In the 1940's, Danfoss developed the radiator thermostat. Back then it was innovative and costly technology only for the chosen few.
Today, we offer affordable and energy-efficient solutions for our homeowners to control their indoor temperature with low impact on the environment.  
For 75 years, we have been the market leader in automatic heating control technology, ensuring comfort for families and 43 millions European homes.

We turn experience into future-proof solutions

In cooperation with entrepreneurs, and through a global network of digital and industry expertise, Danfoss develops and tests new digital business ideas with the help of global experts. The competence centre for digital solutions and business models is located in Berlin, the European Silicon Valley.

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